Wonder Weavers Heritage Foundation ( W O W H )

Welcome to WONDER WEAVERS HERITAGE FOUNDATION. This organization is an initiative of Jolie's Château-TN, a beauty, cosmetics, and personal care store. Jolie's Château-TN is owned by Jolie Frederick Skin-Luxury Inc. and the founder of Wonder Weavers Heritage Foundation Inc.

Jolie Frederick, one of the owners/founders of Jolie's Château-TN, hails from Akwete, a village under the Ukwa-East local government area of Abia state in Nigeria, West Africa.
Akwete town or AK-city, as it is fondly is the headquarters of ukwa east local government area of Abia State, Nigeria.
"Akwete is an essential community of the Ndoki and Igbo people in general. Akwete is known in West Africa for its culture of unique weaving, called Akwa Akwete (Akwete Cloth), which Akwete women are famous for. "- Wikipedia.

Akwete cloth is a unique hand-woven textile. The weaving of Akwa Akwete (Akwete Cloth) is done on a vertical loom used by women. Traditionally most of the weaving is done by women. A continuous warp thread gives a solid color background for the motifs. A two-color warp background is used. This process produces a blended color effect. An iridescent color effect can also be created when the warp is one color and the base weft (as opposed to decorative motive weft) another. Fabrics are woven to be single-faced or double-faced, that is, the motifs shown on both sides. The base fabric is soft, primarily twist yarn cotton, with the decorative motifs consisting of coarser or heavier spun cotton, low twist silk, or shiny rayon. Cotton and rayon combinations give a multicolored, brocaded look. Earth colors seem to predominate traditionally, but the contemporary access to imported dyes and colored cotton thread has broadened the spectrum. -(Wikipedia)

We decided to form this nonprofit because Jolie observed that many of our young girls and youth were no longer weaving AKWA AKWETE. It has been left to our older mothers. After their generation passes away, there would be no one to pass on the baton of weaving. Thus, the weaving and love for weaving are currently on the verge of extinction.
In the past, female-born children got introduced to Akwa Akwete, taught to weave at an early of 7 years, if I am not mistaken.
However, this culture of weaving is no longer holding strong for some reason. After much research, we realized that one of the best ways to preserve this culture/tradition and gift for posterity is to help the community raise a generation of girls who will weave but lack entrepreneurship and leadership.

Mission statement – To raise a generation of girls who love to weave and uphold the weaving culture.

Our Goal - This nonprofit aims to support the education of impoverished teenage girls in Akwete village in Nigeria.
To help these indigent teenage girls preserve and enhance the Akwete cloth weaving tradition by training them in entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

W O W H policies – To achieve this, the wonder weavers heritage foundation proposes to
(1) grant scholarships to girls 12-17 years to go to school.
(2) grant a second scholarship in a leadership academy to help them get an education in leadership and entrepreneurship.
(3) provide them with three months of mentorship support with sessions with a life coach to help them execute all they have learned and build their self-esteem.
Providing these three objectives will equip them with economic, financial, and mental stability as they grow to become youth and fearless to maximize their full potential. Will preserve the culture/tradition of weaving Akwa Akwete(Akwete cloth).
Our two (2) criteria are;
(1) the girl must be an indigent citizen of Akwete and living in Akwete.
(2) She must weave the Akwa Akwete.



(Founder& President )
I am O.O. J. Frederick.
I am mental health Counselor and makeup & skincare formulator.
Principal formulator at Jolie's chãteau-TN.


(Co-founder & Vice president)

I am  Dr. Daniel L. Frederick, A Professor of Geology at Austin Peay State Uni.


(Secretary & Historian )

I am Serena Fryer,

I have a BSc in psychology from APSU & in a graduate, prog to be a counselor.

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(International Affairs)

Barr.Lolo Mina wagbranta

I have a degree in education, an entrepreneur. In my 50s, I got a degree in law from UK and Nigeria.

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(International chair)

I am Beaulah Marshall

A graduate of English.

A school administrator, teacher trainer educationist &consultant.

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(International Finance)

Chinaza Akpara, BSc. Sci Lab Tech, A Fashion Designer, Founder Aptchizz Integrated Enterprise & Ma_B.

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(Director of Operations)

Dr. Duana C. Hall.

Ret. Army Captain, warfighter instructor with an extensive background in HR, military operations& logistics.

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(Homebase Co-ordinator)

I am pastor Cecilia Obuji, a nurse practitioner in Akwete, Nigeria.

I also sell jewelry and cosmetics

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